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So, let's start with a disclaimer. Ez has asked for a 'storm Xbox controller' and a 'supersoaker'. He will likely get both. However, I couldn't miss an opportunity to share some (more tastefull) ideas of what I would like to get Ez from some of my fave online stores. Ez will be 5 in 2 weeks just after starting school and the ideas below are inspired by what he has enjoyed and embraced over lockdown. He won't necessarily be getting all of these - since listing them on here I see they are very 'game' heavy, but to be fair he does love a game.

  1. Scandiborn, Kids Concept 'Neo Ludo Game' £20.95 - Ezra has loved playing board games over lockdown and it is now something we do daily. I love how the board part of this set folds to a case which can store all the beautiful Neolithic inspired pieces safely. I am not sure I would ever want to tidy this away - those mammoths!

  2. Zara 'Ribbed Twisted Yarn Socks With Stripes' £3.99 -Socks. Random one. Luke is never fussed about pressies but loves to get new pants and socks so it has become a bit of a tradition. Anyway, these are Zara and I would get them in this lovely caramel and the blue ones too.

  3. Scout and Co, 'Djeco family card game' £7 - Gorgeous graphics on this card game. We love card games and this looks like a super accessible one that Ez can play without help.

  4. Scandiborn, Meri Meri 'Dinosaur Kingdom Large Tattoos' £4 - What more can I say. He is 5. Dino Tattoos win.

  5. Small Stuff, Owen Davey's 'Crazy About Cats' £12.99- I keep telling him there is no such thing as a 'bad animal' and he keeps telling me that he loves 'bad animals'. B got the Beetle version of this book and it is full of fun facts and gorgeous illustrations. Ez will love this book, it is one he can flick through to admire all the illustrations as well as read with me.

  6. Scandiborn, Little Dutch 'Abacus in Nature' £13.59- These fly of the shelves when they are in stock and it is obvious why.The colours on this are beautiful, they really compliment the green/grey/blue of Ezra's room. Ez also asked for rainbows in his room when we decorated it so here we go.

  7. Bobby Rabbit, My First Chess Set' £39 - Ez and chess. He loves chess. He is also amazingly good at it - Luke and I have to concentrate to win (granted Luke and I are not strong players). The boys currently play on an old charity shop board so this will be a fun upgrade. (Will be in stock super soon!)

  8. Aqota sensory toys, 'Mini Beast Bugs Sensory Play Dough Kit' £10 (mini bag) or £35 (deluxe bag)- What a brand. These are a new find to use and I love them! Aquota sensory toys are an autism and special needs friendly brand and so considerate to every child's needs. I ordered the mini play dough set for Ez and it is fab, he particularly wanted a spider so I just popped this on the notes. The play dough is the perfect amount of squishy and smells incredible. We bought the sage play dough and topped up our order with a large cocoa which smells super chocolatey! I can not wait to get this out with Ez although I am not sure who will have more fun, Ez or me. I also have my eyes on sets for all the kids come Christmas! The mini bags are the perfect price range for gifts too, they are firmly on our pressie list!

  9. Scout and Co, Victoria Fernandez' 'Scratch and learn: Space' £11.99 - Sneaky bit of pen con roll practice with scratch art. Funnily Ez isn't so much into craft but he likes scratch art. B had the animal version of this and it is great, but Ez is not allowed near it (Rightly so), he will love this.

  10. Scandiborn, Kids Concept '4 in a Row' £16.95- Again another game we play at Grandma's But how beautiful. It stacks away all nice too so when it isn't in use it looks like some modern art piece - gorgeous. I wouldn't mind these being left out on the kitchen table at all.

  11. Zara, '3-Pack of Football Boxers' £9.90 - another odd one. Pants. Again, a bit of a tradition. Boys underwear (that isn't character heavy or garishly bright) is unbelievably hard to find however, Zara always have gorgeous options and are always great quality. Although football wouldn't be my first choice I feel these hit that balance of fun but stylish too.

No Aff links or gifted items in this blog. I do however have a referral code for Scout and Co though. DM or drop me a message if you would like it.

Rioux and Binx are a small brand offering Luxury pyjamas and loungewear for children at an affordable price! Their designs tackle fast fashion head on, The gorgeous cuts, prints and patterns are designed to suit boys and girls which also means they can easily be passed down to younger siblings, cousins or friends. Greater still, the prints and dyes are not only the most beautifully considered tones but are created using plant based dyes which are kinder to Mother Nature.

How Gorgeous are these. These pyjamas are from the 'Littles Luxe range', they came in a beautiful card box with scattered dried petals. It is so sweet watching your babe open a luxe item! The pyjamas are BEAUTIFUL, great quality of fabric and the pattern is beautiful, gorgeous woodland animals in beautiful muted tones. the Piping is gorgeous in a lovely deep green and the little chest pocket is a sweet traditional touch. the rounded colour sits comfortably and the hem of the shorts is again, detailed beautifully. I love that the bottoms are cropped/shorts too, so lovely for summer. Nola is 2 but normally takes 3-4 sizewise, these fit her perfectly with room to grow into.

Along side their 'Luxe Littles' design, Rioux & Binx also have a 'Luxe for Less' line. 'Luxe for Less' includes easy to wear loungewear sets as well as baby vests. Although they are pyjamas, the loungewear sets would also look super cozy out of the house too! (We took ours to pop on after a day at the beach - ready for a sleepy car journey). The material is super soft and stretchy and oh my I just want to snuggle the kids even more when they wear these! We have the Sage loungewear sets to match - I love sage, but all the colours are beautiful! I got 3-4 for Nola again in these and Ezra we sized up to 6-7 (Ez is almost 5 but although small, he is a little chunkier -chunky but funky- so sometimes leggings can be a bit of a squeeze). I honestly think the size down would have fit both of them - although they are a snug cut the ribbed fabric offers a comfy stretch. But, I love the size we got. I have a thing about rolling up cuffs and a little roll up means that these fit perfectly and the kids get more wear out of them. I would definitely recomend Rioux and Binx, they are a small brand who are as lovely as the products they produce!

Items gifted for photos but I loved them so chose to do a blog too!

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