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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

When 'For Small Hands' got in touch with us and asked if we would like to test their baking kit, the kids were super excited. 'For Small Hands' was set up by the wonderful Alice, mother of three and chef Alice - Alice has worked in many kitchens and was also the pastry chef at 'The Lanesborough Hotel' - London - need I say more? (Spoiler - she is fab, the biscuits are fab!) When it came the kids really enjoyed seeing what was inside the box. Each ingredient was measured and packages in paper bags, tabled and colour coded to fit with the instructions! This little detail was great, It meant that even Nola (at 2) could tell me what ingredient came next she really felt involved. We all found the egg packaging genius - a cardboard roll with wool! Amazing - it worked a treat!

In the kit was : All of the ingredients weighed out correctly (including egg and butter!), a cookie cutter and a selection of beautifully selected sprinkles. Our theme was mermaids. We got a shell shaped cutter and sea themed sprinkles along with blue and purple icing!

The children had SO MUCH fun. Nola found unpacking fun and all of them enjoyed just being able to tip the whole pack of ingredients in without it being 'too much'. They all helped each other and felt really grown up not needing as much help. We got absolutely loads of biscuits out of the dough and according to the kids they tasted delicious! (I don't eat egg/butter so I couldn't try). This was such a lovely treat, especially during lockdown. I would defiantly consider sending one of these boxes as a gift.

The instructions kit has great tips on how to make your cookies look super stylish. My kids couldn't resist getting stuck in and drizzling and sprinkling their treasure everywhere! Although ours have a definite 'homemade' look, they are still beautiful and the kids were so proud of their creations!

Thank you so much for sending us this to test out! We had lots of fun!

Vitis 'For Small Hands' here to order your box. They have baking boxes and jammy dodger boxes available. There is also a subscription box option too as well as baking add on, like extra cutters or cases. How fab would these be, I love the idea of taking a little jar of biscuits for the children's new teachers in September as a welcome back! These would be a great gift for a child in the family too.

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I love Liewood, I love their simple, functional but super cute designs. I love that their products hit the perfect balance of kiddy cute and super stylish to have in the home. I honestly, don't think there is an item of theirs that I don't like. When SisiandSeb posted about their new range of Liewood Mariam Cake Pans I was super excited. I shared them to my story and then received a few messages asking if they actually work, do the details print on the baked goods? Obviously, I didn't know so asked the wonderful Carley. She straight away asked me to test them out for her! amazing.

Opening the packet I Loved the colours. Both dusky pink, one lighter than the other. I really like using silicone bun cases and have done for years, much better than paper cases that just go to landfill (Also, It means you never have that moment when you have mixed the batter and then realise you ran out of cases!). anyway, I was impressed by these, they looked beautiful. The silicone is super squishy and soft but wasn't tricky to hold steady when full of batter, it contained it easily and I didn't need to put it on another tray, I put it straight on the rack.

The bun size was perfect and the shiny surface on the inside of the moulds made it super east to get the buns out (and easy to clean)- There was zero greasing required and zero sticking. The recipe I used involved lots of blackcurrants from the garden, so the buns had a generally bumpy surface - in hindsight not the best type of recipe to test something with fine detailing. However, It worked! the cat and bunny were best - the bunny is a little hard to make out due to the blackcurrants but the detail is most certainly there. I plan to make a non bumpy batch to really show off the detail too. I was super impressed with these and would definitely recommend them. I love to make savoury or sweet buns for packed lunches, these careless ones would be great. The shapes and little faces make them a really fun little snack!

Thanks for asking us to test Carley and lovely Sisi!

Here is a link to our Rose Cake Pans. However they also come in different colour options - see this page. There are 2 pans in each pack and they slot into each other to make for easy storage. As I love Liewood, here are ALL the Liewood products SisiandSeb have to offer...Can you choose a favourite or do you just love it all, like me?


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