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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Ez has really made a leap recently in regards to his letter recognition and number work. Maybe it is from seeing his big brother (his new hero) completing work from home. Either way it is great. Ez is a September baby and if he starts school in September as planned he will be turning 5 in the first weeks there. Billy on the other hand was 4 and 2 months when he started. It seems so odd that as B was at school at the age Ez is now, he was expected to be a lot more academically advanced in comparison to what we expect of Ezra. I definitely do not worry about them being able to do certain things before they start school. Recognising their own name is a plus but letter formation, reading, adding is not necessary, it will come. Most countries don't expect this until much later. There are much more important things that children do need to know before starting school, mainly social aspects that can be learnt through play, through modelling and observing maybe through stories. But, as Ezzy is into his letters and numbers (we do focus on the other things too, we aren't monsters) I thought I would share some of our fave bits!

  1. Scandiborn 'Little Dutch Abacus in Nature', £13.59 - I love this. I will 100% be buying this for Ezra's room once his new units are built - come on LB. It is such a beautiful piece to have on display when it isn't being played with. We love abacuses ( what is the plural for abacus? abaci? - I googled, both abacuses and abaci are correct. I prefer the latter) for helping with addition and subtraction. I like the different layers on this you could even use it as a visual aid when doing column addition and looking at place value.

  2. Annual Store 'Home S'cool Essential Kit', £14 - Such a sweet idea. The kit includes 5 exercise books (lined and plain) as well as a gorgeous eco stationary kit. Bundled up in this little bag it is perfect for hanging by a desk or throwing in a bag when your off out exploring! I would be tempted to add some mini Stibb pencils (£2) to my shopping cart and pop these in the bag too.

  3. Coach House 'Number Flashcards', £10 - Super simple, super cute, some clear flashcards in their own bag. children could use them to find a certain amount of something and line it next to the right number. used alongside a tray of rice (or sand/lentils/mud) to practice number formation. You could take one out with you and find as many examples of that number as possible (House numbers, postcodes on street signs, road signs, bus numbers, car regs etc)

  4. Baba of Mine 'Kitpas for bath', £8 - Why do kids find it so much more exciting to draw on the bathroom tiles in oppose to a piece of paper! A sure fire way to make spelling/ letters/ numbers more fun. You could make a treasure hunt. Pop some letters on the side of the bath that represent the starting sound of their bath toys ( 'd' for 'duck') and they have to match.

  5. Kidly 'Magnetic Learn and Play Alphabet', £18 - Cute little set up. Little word cards and some magnetic letters to spell the word. This set includes different languages too! Great for bilingual children but also for children who enjoy other languages (like Ez) or older kids too.

  6. Kidly ' Oekaki House', £50 - A magnetic drawing boards is a must have for kids in my opinion. They always go down well and there is no risk of pen marks on your table/all over your car. I love these. This is deffinetly the higher end option. Kidly do sell an equally beautiful version which is much cheaper. I chose this one due to its little built in abacus. It would make little maths problems so fun.

  7. Melissa and Doug ' See and Spell Learning toy' £19.99 - We have this and it is great. of course children can access it by just seeing which 'shape' fits and Ez did used to do just that. But gradually, we talked more about each letter and the sounds it made. He would look at the initial letter of the image to make its sound when choosing the letter. We still use this, in fact we were using this just today. Now we often get the letters out alone and use these to copy words on flash cards. I will write the alphabet and he will match the letters.

  8. The Bebe Hive ' Wooden Alphabet Puzzle' £32 - How beautiful is this, I love the colours. This is a funny one. A lot (not all) of the wooden alphabet puzzles tend to be uppercase letters. Generally children learn lowercase first. Obviously they need to learn both. You could pair this with the lowercase letters from the Melissa and Doug set as a matching game. You could also use it for a little game like eye spy. Say your eye spy and let the child hold the letter whilst he/she/they find the object.

  9. Little Writing Company 'Personalised Handwriting Notebook', £8.95 - These are such sweet handwriting books. I like that it is from an independent in oppose to a huge store and the personalisation is a really sweet touch letting children practice writing their own name! I say this is on my list, but everything is on my list!

  10. Pippeta 'Number, Counting & Shapes Board', £8 - We have this and Ez loves it. A minor issue is there is no space for the equals sign but that isn't a biggie for us. I give Ez a list of additions and he uses this to complete it himself. He will use the numbers and symbols to make the number sentence then use the rings below the 2nd number. He puts the first number in his head and then counts on using the rings. He is pretty good at maths. To start you would just put each numbers rings out and count them all together. Nola loves this too, she loves sorting and counting the hoops.

  11. Babi Pur 'Plan Toys 1-10', £24.95 - This is such a sweet set. Each card has a outlined number and a visual representation of the number, then you have a selection of numbers to match. Simple but effective. You could give the children a number and ask them to find 7 things (toys cars for eg). Or have some buttons and place the right amount on the card on top of the images as a guide.

  12. Coach House 'Wooden Name Board' £25 - Writing and recognising their name will really help a child when they start school and this is a super stylish way to practice that. This would look sweet on display, I remember learning to spell my middle name whilst looking at a name print on my wall. You can get little 'tracing pens' to go over the shapes of the letters too. These boards come in print, pre-cursive and cursive fonts.

Your little one doesn't need all of these to learn at all. They are just super convenient and super gorgeous options. I always recommend an app called 'Hairy letters' to preschool/infant parents. It is great for practicing letter formation and helps with letters-sounds. There are a whole bunch of 'hairy apps' now and I have been impressed with all of the ones we have tried. There is a one time purchase for each app. Another App I like (best for older kids but great for CVC woads - CAT, DOG, HAT) is 'Squeebles'. You can create and assign spelling lists and record yourself saying the word which the child then types. I don't think there is anything stopping you creating letter recognition lists actually (instead of words, you could record yourself making a sound and the child chooses the correct letter).

This week I thought I would share a few instagram accounts too which, offer some inspiration for educational activities.





@alphababydesigns (This is a insa shop, based in AU so not to accessible to us in the UK. But it offers lots of inspo on how to use your flashcards).

Discount over at the wonderful Scandiborn is still active! use the code...


Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Creating a children's interior post seemed pretty straight forward. Until I started. There are so many areas that I could have focused on. After doing a poll and asking for preferences I decided on bedding and a small amount of accessories.

Texture is key with bedding. Crinkly linen, muslin, raw edges. I love a bed to have a relax feel. Print is less important, I think a plain bedding set can still have impact. who doesn't love a freshly bathed babe in fresh white sheets? However, there are some really beautiful prints at the moment, mainly florals. With florals I tend to stray away from large prints or pinks, favouring much more subtle tones. mixing textures with cushions, scattered at the top, or blankets, draped at the end of a bed, gives a super cosy feel. Cot bedding for me is a tad overrated. A beautiful sheet and gorgeous blanket (draped over the side in the day) is all you need.

With bedding please follow safety guidelines and just because I have listed items does not mean they are safe for your baby. e.g. I have used some throws as blankets, these may not be safety tested for cot or children's use but personally, I would be happy for my children to use at the ages they currently are.

Here are a few of my finds.

Duvet and Pillow sets

  1. Smallable 'Cotton Muslin Bed Linen Cream', £76 (100x140cm) - This is my all time favourite bedding set. I love the low key floral with the muslin texture.

  2. Zara 'Stars Duvet cover', £19.99 (Single) -

  3. Mori 'Cot Bed Duvet Cover and Pillow Set', £44.50 (120x150) -

  4. Zara 'Embroided Jersey Fabric Duvet Cover', £69.99 (single) - This seems like a modern take on the bedding my Nannan would have used when I was small.

  5. Smallable 'Organic Cotton Eucalyptus Gabriel Paris Design', £89 (140x200) - This is such a gorgeous print. The eucalyptus shape is made with dots, It manages to be 'floral' but not at all 'girly'.

  6. Smallable 'Fabeleb Dreamy Bed Set Grey Blue', £35 (100x170) -

  7. Pippeta 'OYOY Haikan Bedding', £75 (single) - Gorgeous shade and a simple detail around the edge.

  8. Scandiborn 'Cam Cam Bed Linen in Fiori, £52.95 (junior) - Such a cheery floral, Cam Cam always have beautiful options.

  9. Bobby Rabbit 'Forest Organic Bed Linen Set', £55 (Cot bed) -

Fitted sheets

Sneeky tip - finding really beautiful fitted sheets can seem pricey, especially for a cot size. But, If you buy a single sheet and turn it sideways it should wrap snuggly around your cot mattress. Then it can be used as your child transitions into a single bed.

  1. Smallable 'Numero 74 grey blue ice blue fitted sheet', £35 (60x120) - I Love the texture of this sheet. It would be great in a cot when the sheet is on view the majority of the time.

  2. Smallable 'Garbo&Friends Cotton Muslin Fitted Sheet Cream', £53 (90x200) - This is due a restock in 2 to 3 weeks. You can get it direct from Garbo & Friends. My favourite print, this would look really nice with a waffle rust blanket.

  3. La Redoute 'Lodge Printed Fitted Sheet', £10.50 Sale (Single) -Rusty Rainbows and super affordable. I am going to get this for Ezra's bed. His bedding is greys and blues but I think it would look cool with little flashed of this poking through.

  4. Ooh Not Buttons Toddler Fitted Sheet, (42Euro) approx £38 (Toddler) - Love this irregular spot. The same print is available as a duvet and a pillow as well as coming in a gorgeous denim shade.

  5. Scandiborn 'Nobodinoz Tibet Aqua fitted sheet', £34.95 (Cot bed) - If you have seen my insta stories you will see I set up a lot of play on a mat the same colour as this. I find it makes a gorgeous backdrop to photos and boy we take many photos of those sleepy babes.

  6. Coco and Wolf 'Fitted sheets made with Liberty Fabric D'anjo Blue', £56.75 (Cotbed) - Liberty loveliness, this is such an oldie worlie print with beautiful subtle tones.

Blankets and swaddles

  1. Hm 'Knitted cotton blanket', £24.99 - Love this mossy colour, This would make such a sweet gift.

  2. Smallable 'Liewood Magda Organic Cotton Muslin Blanket Blue', £39 -Beautiful texture with gorgeous raw edges.

  3. Secret Linen Store 'Sage Big Waffle Bed Throw', £75 - Great for cooler weather, this is larger so can be folded warmth. Great for using on adult beds or sofas too.

  4. Scandiborn 'Cam Cam Swaddle in Fiori', £20.50 - Pretty little swaddle for wrapping up babe and the other 500 things they are useful for.

  5. Kidly 'Nanami Knitted Blanket', £40 - This looks so soft and love the branding on this.

  6. Avery Row 'Pine Green Knitted Blanket', £38 - Avery Row blankets are gorgeous. We have one and it looks brand new after 3 years of lots of use. This is gorgeous to use to tuck baby in bed and even take out in the pram.

Cushions and floor mats

We have cream carpets so I lean towards coloured floor cushions. In Ezra's Room which will be painted a similar blue to these options, I would be tempted to go for a rust coloured cushion. These all come in other colours an patterns so It is definitely worth looking at other options. But I wanted to keep it blue here as it just looked pretty.

  1. Smallable 'Numero 74 Tatami Organic Cotton Floor Mat Ice Blue', £80 - Ez rolls out of bed every night. I would love to get one of these next to his bed for a little soft landing. Also, great for a little cozy corner.

  2. Scandiborn 'Lorena Canals Tribu Washable Rug', £89.00 - Such a subtle design, the soft pink suits a nursery beautifully but this rug would look beautiful in any room in the house.

  3. Scandiborn 'Nobodinoz Marrakech Bean Bag Gold Confetti Magic Green', £59.95- Such a beautiful print and love this slouchy design. This is on the need list.

  4. Scandiborn 'Bloomingville wool Rug', £87.95 - A softer version of the jute rugs. Love that frayed edge. Also, not limited to children's rooms.

  5. Smallable 'Lorena Canals Chill Pouffe Blue', £71 - It is so fluffy. I need to touch it.

  6. Scandiborn 'Ferm Living Safari Cushion Natural', £44.95. This is on the list for Ezzy, he loves 'bad' animals.

  7. Vertbaudet Floor cushion, £33.50 - Love this, Vertbaudet's floor cushions are more budget friendly. I love this design as well as the grey design (which has tassels!). They would look great stacked.

  8. Scandiborn 'Lorena Canals Atlas Washable Rug in Natural Vintage Blue', £85.95 - Beautiful design and really like the blue, again not limited to a Child's room.

  9. Bobby Rabbit 'Mini Pear Cushion' £17.50 - Fun little cushion to throw on the bed. I love the mustard leaf contrast.


  1. Bobby Rabbit 'Cool to be Kind A3 Print', £17.50 - We have the older colour way of this in Nola's room. It is just such an important affirmation to have around kids. This Will be going in Ezra's room when it is decorated and hints at the other colours used around the room.

  2. Smallable 'Mr Maria Miffy Soft Silicon Night Light', £67 - This is lamp size in oppose to night light size and does not have a cord. It emits a soft glow less than that of a lamp.

  3. Rosie Meringue 'Wall name', from £15 - We have this in Nola's room. I would be great way to announce a birth or name of baby too.

  4. We are Pop 'Bertie and the Boys Monochrome Rainbow', £28 - We hang this is Ezra's room and love it. We were gifted it (this was a while back) and it is truly the most beautifully made garland. This would be great gift at the moment, to anyone you have missed in lockdown, to any of those babies born or pregnancies announced in lockdown or for any beautiful rainbow babies you know.

  5. Scandiborn 'Nobodinoz Bamboo Toy Bag in White Bunnle/Aqua Large', £42.95 - Lovely storage bag. I like how the draw string top conceals the mess of toys hidden within!

  6. Scandiborn 'Kids Concept Table/Wall lamp in blue grey', £39.95 - This is beautiful and actually quite big. I really want this for Ezra's room when it is done.

  7. Scandiborn 'Sebra Canopy in Blush Rose', £98.95 - We have a canopy similar to this in Nola's room. It is a great way to soften harsh alcoves in a room or to create a comfy zone in a larger room.

  8. Bobbyrabbit 'Olli Ella Luggy Basket - Straw', £49 pre-order - We have all seen it. We all love it. But this is great to keep those extra teddies when not in use.

  9. Kitty Makes 'Wall Flag - Little Bit Of Magic', £20 - This looks really sweet hung on pegs or above a bed. This is on my list of things that I need for Ezra's room. I just can't choose between this one or 'Life is Wonderful'.

  10. Bobby Rabbit 'Play & Go Toy Storage Bag - Mustard Stripes', £29 - Super handy storage. I like these for excess cuddly toys or lego. Billy has one but I plan to get this for Ezra's birthday filled with lego! I love this colour too, it will freshen up that dusky blue.

  11. Pippeta 'Aykasa small' £5 -These are FAB. Yes, lots of places stock them but Pippeta have the best shades. I have blue, grey and coconut white in Nola's room, great for neatening toy shelves! I also have a medium size in the post for sliding under her bed!

  12. Bobby Rabbit 'Ricepuffy Night Light', £14.50 - Is this not the sweetest guy ever!

This week we have been given a gorgeous discount from the lovely Scandiborn! Again, none of their products were featured on here because of this. They were featured because I love them. I really enjoy sharing pieces from my favourite brands especially when I know how kind the gorgeous people behind them are. Use the code below for a cheeky little saving.


If you enjoyed this blog it would be great if you could share on your insta feed! If you have any requests I would love to hear from you. Maybe a certain theme, 'Swimwear' , 'books' or maybe a shop focus? I do want to keep this blog kid based for now but both B and I have birthdays coming up. Would a Billy's age gift idea blog be of interest? (I already have most of his pressies and none are tech or screen based). Or, would any Mamas be interested in some of my fave adult brands? Another thing is Ezra's room makeover! would anyone be interested in that!?

Thank you so much for everyone who shares, or takes the time to message me after reading this. It really does make my day! x

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