Girls' Summer Wear 20

Shopping for girls is pretty easy, there is SOOO much option. I often choose dresses for Nola, she loves a dress but also, it is so easy to just throw one on in a morning. Again, this little roundup features lots of those neutral, muted, earthy or stoney tones and scruffy soft textures. I wish I could dress like a 2yo girl. Funnily, I love styling kids but I am really crap at styling myself. So if there are any volunteers, I am all ears!

1. Matoma 'Lumi Oversized dress' (from WeRoamWild), £48 in the sale - Apart from the gorgeous photography (Taken by WRW) how beautiful is this dress!? Simple shape but the slight gathering at the top and buttons (AND POCKETS!) make it look a tad more special.

2. Rylee&Cru 'Palm kaftan white' (from, £54 This is an easy throw on for everyday wearing. I don't know the sizing of this but I would be tempted to buy a size too big for Nola and get two years out of it! (I did this with the blue Bobo dress on my feed)

3. HM 'double-weave dungaree dress' £14.99, I had last years double-weave dress from HM and it was great, we got lots of people asking where it was from.

4. MiniSibling 'Strap dress, green tea, diamonds', £14.50- This dress is the most beautiful cut and a gorgeously soft fabric. As you know, we have this in cream (we also had the romper in grey). Whenever Nola wears it I get so many messages asking where it is from. It is an old style but if you look in the sale section it is there in this gorgeous green and also in plain black they look good over a long sleeve tee or with nothing on underneath. I really want this for Noo!

5. LittleShy 'Light sage green muslin frill bloomers', from £16 - The colour of the moment. We were gifted the fawn set in return for photos and they really are so special! (I haven't been asked to post about these I genuinely love them).

6. Zara 'Denim jumpsuit with pleats', £16.99 -This is super cool. It would look nice layered over a long sleeve top or on a warmer day worn alone. a nice Spring/Summer transitional piece. Gotta be confident with the toilet to risk it though .

7. LilyDennison 'Milk swing dress', £19.99 another super simple easy wear dress. This looks so comfy and perfect for spring too. How lovely would this be to wear for coffee and cake after a day on the beach (once we are out of isolation).

8. Pippeta 'Mila dress', £25.99 - I NEED this. It is perfection. The detailing at the back is just beautiful.

9. PoudreOrganic 'Guarana double cotton gauze dress camel' (from, £49 This is so similar to the one we had from HM last year and we wore it to death.

10. HM 'cotton dress', £12.99 - Another of this years double gauze styles from HM and super affordable. I would size up.

11. HM 'Vest top and puff pants', £12.99 - How blooming cute are they!?

12. Nixnut jumpsuit (from WeRoamWild), £30 sale - Gorgeous, comfy piece again photographed beautifully by WeRoamWild (This is the daughter of WRW - How gorgeous is she! Perfect model)

13. Rylee and Cru (from 'Striped dress pink' - £54 this image does not do the dress justice, it is beautiful on, love the tie shoulders and elasticated detail at the top.

14. AndoStores 'longleet colette jumpsuit', £28 - Another denim jumpsuit option but this one has pockets.

15. Mingokids 'Linen Laurel oak skirt', 74.90eu . I would pair this with an oversized tee, trainers and socks. They have complimenting outfits for siblings too and matching headbands etc.

16. Pippeta 'Wide leg overalls', £31.50 - Such a laid back style, could be worn layered or alone. I would pair with natural canvas trainers (maybe the mango ones I put on the Boys' Spring style blog).