Kommune X Depot Bakery Brunch Club

So, many will have seen that during lockdown B had the idea of reviewing the cafes we so often visited on a weekend. The idea got a great reception on Instagram and the next thing I knew we had T-shirts on route to us! (Thanks Sarah at Loneowlstudio who designed this print and printed out Tees!). However, reviews sound a bit judgey to me so I am not going to call them that. We simply visit the cafes we love (or are suggested) have a great time and take photos and then celebrate everything that we enjoyed.

As cafes slowly started opening up, we saw that The Depot Bakery within Kommune were hosting their own brunch club. I mean fate- our first brunch club paired with another. We booked a table for 5 and became super excited - our first cafe trip since lockdown! Our reminder email the day before put me into a episode of panic. I hadn't really read the description of the 'Brunch cClub' (actually a beautiful set menu pay per head type thing) and realised it probably didn't suit my 2 and 4 year olds. I messaged Kommune on insta and they (Luke) totally put my mind at ease explaining that the 2 adults and B could order from the brunch club menu and we could order the smalls something else too if needed. When we arrived I realised how super laid back the whole experience was and it honestly worked out perfect.

As we sat at our table (Super spacious - kids always take up so much space in cafes and cluttered tables drive me mad - this one was great) we were told that our hot brunch and coffee choice could be selected on the app (IOS here and Android here) and our juice order was taken. The kids opted for chocolate and banana smoothies and Ma (My mum known by all as 'Ma') and I chose the carrot, ginger and turmeric juice with a sprig of rosemary. I can't vouch for the kids drinks as I wasn't allowed near them but, Ez has been asking to go back and get one since we left so I recon they were pretty good. I would normally skip juice and grab another coffee but I am so glad this was part of the experience, our juices were delicious, It was a super sunny day they were so refreshing - sunshine in a glass. The little garnish gave a really special touch too - I felt like I was back in Ibiza sipping a cocktail.

As part of 'The Depot Brunch Club' menu you have a selection of croissants with butter and jam. As I am vegan, I didn't eat these but they were given sparkling reviews all around. Ma claimed they were "THE BEST croissants in Sheffield" and she is a harsh critic! We ordered extra for the smalls to tuck into - they are well practiced with pastries and by the end of our time at Kommune there wasn't a crumb left! Whilst they were all devouring pastries our coffees had arrived so, I sat sipping my oat milk cappuccino feeling super chilled. The coffees came from Tamper (part of the brunch menu)- I always LOVE their coffee - I would go as far to say that their coffee was my fave. I was super impressed when they made little bambiccinos for the kids in tiny espresso cups too! This is definitely somewhere you could bring kids to for lunch and not feel like your in the way or too noisy etc. There was room around the table for the kids to move whilst still maintaining social distancing and the huge room meant that diners could be spaced out well and giddy children wouldn't be irritating anyone. We don't tend to take the kids to cafes we wouldn't want to go to ourself - I love that cafes have become almost an art - beautiful artisan breads and carefully curated menus, Kommune takes that one step further with a small art gallery to view. Fab to introduce the kids to some culture in such a chilled environment.

Hot brunch was brought to the table looking beautiful. I love the effortless look of the food (I mean it takes alot of skill to make food look so effortlessly good - I appreciate that a lot of effort actually went into the presentation). Ma opted for bacon and eggs on sourdough with the request of her eggs pretty well done - she really enjoyed her meal and the garnishing just enhanced the meal to something special. I had the vegan option - Smashed avocado on sourdough oh my, it was good, pomegranate seeds are the mark of a great avo meal for me so I was pleased to see them but that garnish really took a simple meal to another level. The different flavours were unreal, I savoured every bite. B chose the avo and halloumi on sourdough and what a chunk of halloumi he got, I don't think my picture actually does it any justice! It looked beautiful. All three dishes weren't, in writing, anything out of the ordinary but the finer details, garnishes and dressing really lifted each meal into beautifully indulgent treat. Ez moved onto his 2nd croissant at this point.

We really enjoyed our time at Kommune - both boys gave a big thumbs up and have asked to go back. Nola left with a tummy full of croissants and frothy milk so she was super happy. Ma and I felt like we made a magnificent return to the cafe culture scene. I really enjoyed the whole experience. The setting - so accessible - in the city centre with lots of parking on Campo lane and discounted parking at the moment at the NCP car park. The big super clean space with gorgeous interior- great for those a tad nervous to return to normality after C-19 or with kids. The service - The team at Kommune were super helpful and polite and so easy to chat too, they made sure the smalls had everything they needed and that everything ran smoothly. Matching shoes with one of the guys there is always a win - yes we did say 'nice shoes' cos we are comedy geniuses . The food was just simply delicious, the coffee was perfection and the juices were really good - we had expected the usual orange, apple etc so these were such a welcome surprise. 'The Depot Brunch Club' Menu cost £15 a head but with it you got juice on arrival, croissants with butter and jam, coffee and a hot brunch. I would say it was a win win for £15! Thanks for having us! X