Lockdown Gift Guide

Lockdown struck just as my best friend's daughter was due her birthday, then my two nephews. Luckily, I had lots of ideas of gifts that would keep them busy (and hopefully buy more time for their parents to have a cuppa in peace/ crack on with work). Sheffield has lots of gorgeous Indi stores, which I love to shop at and have been using to send gifts to friends. Below, I have used a my much loved Sheffield stores, mixed in some other online stores and sprinkled a few that I follow on instagram to top it of! The finished piece is a bounty of ideas that are great for busy little hands. Some of these we have - and love - others are things I would love to get for the kids. I have aimed this at older toddlers to younger kids, between Nola and Billy.

Bobbi Rabbit

Bobbi Rabbit oozes with style, It is a local online store which I have bought from many a time. Nicki is obviously, equally as stylish and such a wonderful person, I even took her advise when choosing Nola's ballet school! (Thanks Nicki)

1. The Stables, £34.95, - Ezra has really enjoyed making little homes for his toy animals out of all sorts of things, he would really like this set, I am sure Nola wouldn't mind it either.

2. Baby Jojo 34cm doll, £24 - I bought this for Nola's birthday and it is the sweetest doll I have ever seen. I love her! She even smells of vanilla.

3. Plan Toys Play Makeup Set, £27 - Nola would love this. Plan do great role-play toys. I actually think she would love a tattoo one, she loves tattoos! May be a tad controversial!?

4. Musical Tea Set, £30 - Beautifully illustrated and the little teapot sings a sweet melody when tipped.

5. Pet Dog Set, £9.50 - This is gorgeous. Ez would love this little chap!

6. My First Chess Set, £29 - Such a cheery piece this is so welcome on the dining room table. Billy and I love a good game of chess, Luke endures it. I think Ez would love to play Billy using this set. Imagine the amount of peace I would get if both boys sat and played a full game!

Small Stuff

Small Stuff opened its bricks and mortar store on the highstreet where I used to live...about two weeks after we moved. Not ideal. But, what a great excuse to swing by the old stomping ground. Obviously, there is also an online store which I make lots of use of with the added bonus that for every order over £15, one tree is planted. Hellen has been working super hard during Covid-19 to make sure no one misses out on her design-led, eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable goodies! She has posted to my nephews, to friends and even hand delivered a gift the same day that I ordered! Amazing.

1. Railway Tape, £5.50 - Such a sweet little gift. This is a great one to have tucked away for those 'oops I nearly forgot' moments, Pop this with some chocs and you have one happy kid!

2. Kitpas Non-Toxic Window Crayons, £8.50. Test it on our friends windows first! No, they actually look great AND wipe off really easily. If you haven't blessed your windows with rainbows yet, now is the time! It is important to note how fantastic Kitpas are as a brand. Socially conscious, 70% of their workforce is made up of adults with disabilities.

3. I Speak 6 Languages, £14.95 - Ez is really into learning words in different languages and loves to join in with Billy's french lessons, so this is definitely one that the boys would play together.

4. Animal Wooden Yoyo, £4.95 - A classic. We have this, we opted for the green cat, and boy, it is a beauty. Again a good little gift to tuck away and have just incase.

5. Dinkum Doll Clothing Rail Ollie Ella, £74.95 - This is a biggie. but LOOK.AT.THIS! I think this would be a gift to me. I would love this. Ok.. it is more likely that it would be our hands busy putting all the dolly clothes back after the kids have undressed every single doll (why do they do that!) but, it was too sweet not to share.


An online, super stylish kids store. Scandiborn is run by a gorgeous family local to me. They are great and have the fastest delivery known to man! Grace is such a sweetheart helping you find that perfect something. Nola (Read that as 'I') has a CamCam love affair. Nola has really taken to her dolls lately and I would LOVE to add to her collection. I was never a doll person really, so I plan to relive this stage through her!

1. Kids Concept 4 in a Row, £16.95. Beautiful. I am really surprised by this. Normally you pay a premium for gorgeously designed classics but this does not break the bank. I will definitely be getting this come Ezra's birthday.

2. Lacing Sheep Plan Toys, £14.95. Nola has this, it is still a little tricky but she loves playing with it given a little help. The head of the sheep has a colour coded spine, you match each disc depending on colour. When it isn't being used as a puzzle it is a pretty sweet ornament!

3. CamCam Changing Bag Dandelion Rose, £29.95 - We. need. this. It is so sweet and great to store all those little dolly accessories.

4. Kids Concept Doctors Case in White, £23.95 - Nola and Ez both play with our Drs sets and this is such a gorgeous design!

5. CamCam Kids Apron in Dandelion Petroleum, £23.95 - I mean who hasn't been doing more baking during lockdown! I love this colour, Nola and Ez would looks super sweet twinning... Now all you need is to find the flour!

6. Kids Concept Alphabet Puzzle, £31.95. So stylish, we have been looking for one of these, Nola would match the letters to the space, Ez would probably expand on that and make words. Again, a toy that doubles up as art when not in use.


I love Trapeze. Again, local, and Donna is fantastic. Many a Christmas present has been bought here and my Momma has been known to splurge too! I take the smalls to a playgroup near by and just pop in for a chat sometimes. Donna REALLY knows her stuff, she can tell you the back story of every piece in store and it is obvious that everything in there is so carefully selected. She is my go to for books in particular, she really finds the best.

1. Illuminature, £20 - This beauty is interactive, super visual and looks so much fun! You use little handheld coloured film viewfinder to reveal the different images.

2. Anatomy, £19.95 - Laser cut pages really help you see beneath the skin! This book is such a fun choice for slightly older kids. I mean look at the chap on the front, has science ever looked so good!? Both boys would love this book.

3. Encyclopedia of Animals, £14.99 - A beautifully illustrated hardback exploring over 300 species of animals, all with facts designed to appeal to kids.

4. Hello Nature, £12.95 - We have this and it is wonderful, Bursting full of nature inspired activities to enjoy. It definitely does the homeschooling for you. I would say this is suitable for ages 6+ girls and boys alike!


An online store that choose their stock wisely, functional design which doesn't compromise style or the environment. I can always count on them to have something special.

1. Olli Ella Play 'n' Pack, £25 - So, were not out anywhere but this bag is full of little activities, It would still be so exciting to get and definitely keep the kids busy for a little while. Store all the bits in the bag (keeping the table top tidy) and when your done (and it is safe to return to our new normal), re-use it for sports/ PE/even a sleepover at Grandmas!

2. Make a Pizza for the Birds Kit, £15 - Such a sweet idea for children who (if lucky) are spending more time in their garden.

3. SeedBom, £4 - Again a good little 'have in the cupboard' gift. My kids love planting with their grandad and LOVE it when their little shoots start to grow!

4. Mynte Pencil Case, £12 - Pack it with some felt tips and you are good to go! I know that our felt tips have never felt so loved.

Meri Meri

It is all in the details. Wether you decorate the house, the cake, the wrapping. Meri Meri has your back. Their designs are so cheerful and great quality too.

1. Safari Animals Cupcake Kit, £12 - Such cute little kits to make little Show stoppers. My kids have enjoyed swapping baked goods with next door's kids, these would make it a little extra special!

2. Honeycomb Sausage Dog Card, £5 - This is a super sweet card, makes lockdown birthdays a little more exiting. Billy would absolutely LOVE this card!

3. Pirates Bounty Tattoos, £3.25 - Who doesn't love transfer tattoos!? As I said Nola loves tattoos, but honestly, so does Billy! Meri Meri tattoos are great, I love the shiny ones! Great to slip in a card! or just add as a little extra.

4. Mini Space Stickers, £6.75 - Show me a kid who doesn't like stickers. Nola's Auntie and uncle got her a bag for Christmas with a sheet of ballerina stickers. She was obsessed! Also fun to get these for yourself to decorate wrapping!

Scout & Co

I found Scout & Co had a lot of options for slightly older kids and will defiantly be shopping here for Billy and my nephews.

1. Ocean Bingo Game, £19.99 - We were gifted the 'Scary Bingo' version of this from a friend and the kids LOVE it. They all enjoy playing it and my mum bought it for my nephews after playing it here. I think they got the bugs one.

2. Djeco Sea Life Glow in the Dark Scratchboards, £5 - A lovely little twist on the regular scratchboards. Sweet as a small gift, but if for someone special would be great paired up with the bingo!

3. Djeco Zig & Go, £27.95 - This looks AMAZING. So much creativity and problem solving to be had with this. Billy would love this. It is harder to find 'toys' for boys as they get older but this is IT. I think this will be put on Billy's birthday list!

4. Bath Bomb Maker, £23 - So much fun. All 3 of mine would love both making and using this!

5. Creative Company Mini Craft Kit, £2.99 - How sweet is this. Educational and crafty, the end product is pretty gorgeous too.

6. Maileg Superhero Mouse Little Brother in Suitcase, £19.50 - Maileg are so so special, I love this little guy with his very own carry case! Ez would love this. Nola would love the ballerina.

More Gorgeousness

These are some beautiful options from Smaller brands that I follow on Instagram. I love using instagram and the connections I have made there. Some of these I have followed for a while, two are more recent, all are beautiful.

1. Arlo & Jude Box of Secret Powers, £12 - A one of a kind well-being focused craft box. Arlo & Jude gifted us this box in return for images (Pre-blog) and the boys really enjoyed creating. Their self esteem and confidence was boosted as we discussed what we loved about each other. They have these in their bedroom now as little mood boosters. Included is a beautiful badge too with an empowering message. I plan on putting some on the kids school bags! These are available as a subscription too.

2.Sophie & co DIY Kits, £32 - These craft kits are incredible. You get all that you need to decorate a length of fabric, post it back to Sophie and she transforms it into a piece of clothing for your child! Sophie also does a headband DIY kit.

3. Organised Chaos Sensory Dough Pastel, £5 per colour - These colours are just beautiful. I find craft with the kids so much more enjoyable when it is pretty. This is definitely something I would enjoy. Would you let them mix the colours though!?

4. The Lovely Drawer Paper Dolls, £12- Such a lovely traditional toy made with the most charming illustrations.

5. From the Dressing Up Box, from £16 - What a gorgeous piece. Not necessarily a busy hands piece but, lockdown or no lockdown, a girl (or boy) has gotta dress up on their birthday right?! This one is a subtle rainbow design too so pretty fitting! Look out for more on this brand on my grid in the next couple of weeks - we are pretty excited.

None of the links I use are off links and I do not earn anything from these blogs. However, if you are to order from Scout and co, think about creating an account. They have a great rewards system a bit like boots. If you use this link you get £10 off !! ( I will get a cheeky referral gift too) Click here for a link! Obviously, read through the terms and conditions and make sure you are happy first!