Newborn Photoshoot FAQ

When should I book my photoshoot for?

I recommend booking your shoot for about 4 weeks + after your due date. I know it is nice to capture them fresh out the womb but they are still tiny and new after 5 or so weeks. Get settled, get feeding established (however your feeding) and it will be a whole lot more enjoyable. Shoots are super relaxed and we work around baby and parents needs.

How does it work?

I will come to your house with my camera, some gentle lighting and a few minimal props (think blankets not caterpillar dress up!) I will spend time photographing your precious little bundle, maybe parents and siblings too. I will go away and edit all your photos and then send you edited previews. (these will have a watercress over them).

mini giftcard holders will then choose their favourite three images and receive them in digital form ready for print or media OR choose to upgrade to a luxe package a nd get all the images in media and print digital form.. I will not offer this as such (not a salesperson) but if you want to upgrade, thats great.

luxe giftcard holders will 'ok' the images and then receive all the digital edits for print and media.

If you are purchasing your own shoot, you will pay a £50 non refundable booking fee (deducted from total cost) to secure your shoot. Once you receive your previews and decide on which package you wish to purchase, you will make your final payment and receive your files.

There are absolutely no hidden costs at all. No extras or add ons.

What should we wear?

In short - whatever you feel comfortable in.

If you like my imagery it may be you want to recreate the minimal, tonal aesthetic. In this case I would go for neutral, relaxed fit clothing. However if your about colour, great, get your rainbow dungarees on!

Whatever your style I would always suggest that you have a white vest available for baby, this means we can get some timeless simple shots focusing solely on their tiny little features. Otherwise, consider if there are any special items? a heirloom cardigan? Nana's knitted blanket?

What if my baby doesn't settle?

Not an issue. I am a mother of three, I know what it is like. Photoshoots are relaxed and laid back. I don't have a tick list of poses, I work alongside baby's needs. If baby is less settled, we can try some cuddle shots, If baby is asleep when I arrive, lets be super quiet and get some sleeping shots before they wake. Although shoots trend to be around 60-90 mins there is no rush. If baby needs feeding go for it (I am more than happy to capture your feeding journey if you wish or also happy to step outside for a while), If they need changing, go for it. We want baby to be happy and you guys to be chilled so we will just go with the flow.

Who can access my photos?

Your images will be uploaded onto a password protected page on my website. You will be given the password and it is up to you who you share it with. Each image will have a download button so you can offer the password to family to choose their favourites or download them all. There is no limit on how many downloads can be made or who you choose to download them. You can print them as much as you like. I prefer working with digital copies as it really gives the parents control of what they want to print and when. The gallery will stay on my site so that you can return at a later date - no pressure to panic buy.