Toastie Kids

If you don't know Toastie, where have you been!? Basically they are a super cool sustainable company with a strong commitment to their ethos, that children should be able to thrive in nature. They go further than providing beautiful products - made using recycled materials - by joining forces with the likes of '1% for the Planet' and 'Plastic Tides' to financially support and raise awareness of plastic pollution alongside working with 'Mini Cycle' (a buy back scheme to encourage passing on clothes when outgrown). Another sweet touch is Toastie's all new lollies which are packed in each order - their biodegradable sticks are full of seeds allowing children to grow their own little plant - surely this is a fab way to help inspire littles to love and care for mother nature.

I have followed Toastie for a while on instagram and always love their designs. As soon as Ezra was ready for a new jacket, I ordered him the olive raincoat. I LOVE it. The raincoat is super soft with a gorgeous fleece lining. It is perfect to keep him warm on cold days whilst not being too heavy on those warm but rainy ones. The detailing is well thought through with little reflective strips to keep little ones safe on those dark evenings and a sweet piggy name badge inside to ensure they don't find their way to the black hole that is 'lost property'. I really appreciate the laid back design, timeless and stylish, perfect to pass down to younger siblings. The raincoats are suitable for school whilst also being durable enough for climbing rocks in the Peak District (Ezra's happy place) and when they come back all muddy, they are easy to clean!

Toastie offered to send us some overalls to match Ezra's coat and added a bonus pair for Nola. Of course I could't say no. They are GREAT. Nola (2 but in 3-4 clothing) and Ez (5 but in age 6+ clothing) both have the same size (5-6). Nola's are obviously oversized but, I don't think you can actually tell, the little side poppers (un-popped here, as she was wearing a massive coat), elasticated back and adjustable straps make it work for her, plus she has lots of growing room so will likely fit for another year or two! Ezra's still fit comfortably on the longest strap setting and have lots of width for ease of movement. The legs have an elasticated cuff and removable foot straps to keep the legs tucked into wellies which is so helpful! Like the coat, the overalls are super soft, they aren't lined but are still super comfy. We love the little front pocket, it has been used to carry 'friends' or to stash natures treasure (conkers and acorns)!

Beside their commitment to sustainability, Toastie are a firm fave here for three main reasons.

  1. They are so soft. Who knew rainwear could be soft! The actual fabric is peachy soft.

  2. They are comfy. I normally find raincoats to be clammy and argh but, no. The material is flexible and the rainwear is breathable, it doesn't feel sticky or clammy at all. The fleece lining in the coat is so soft and snuggly and enough to keep Ez warm in pretty chilly weather. The shape and fastenings are well thought through with poppers to make the width narrower and adjustable wide straps that sit comfortably on the shoulder (no neck rubbing) as well as little foot straps to keep the legs from rolling up.

  3. They keep the kids dry. This sounds silly but the amount of times we have been out in our waterproofs to find out they are 'shower resistant'... The kids stay dry in these whatever the weather.

We LOVE our Toastie and now that Autumn has well and truly begun we are wearing these more and more. I have always said that good rainwear is a MUST for kids and Toastie is most certainly that! Each and every time they launch a new range I fall in love a little more. The only fault would be....they don't do adult sizes!

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