Vegan Pancakes

I am definitely no chef. I like my recipes easy and quick. I am also notoriously bad and pancakes - I just burn the pans and make a mess. BUT, these worked a treat and looked pretty good too! I posted a pic on FB and on Insta and was asked for the recipe so here it is.

For The Pancakes

-300g SR flour

-1tsp baking powder

-1 tbsp caster sugar

-400ml soya milk (I recon any plant milk will work)

Method - Pop it all in a mixing bowl and mix. Straight forward! I use a ladle to measure out small dollops into a frying pan. I used olive oil to stop it from sticking as it was on hand, most recipes suggest veg oil.


I honestly have no idea why people slave away making jam. This was so easy and quick and mega delicious. It can stay in the fridge for up to 3 weeks (I think this is why - it doesn't store as long as jam) and is perfect for on cereal, porridge, on flapjack and buns etc.

-500g berries (I used about 150g of blackcurrants freshly picked from the garden mixed with frozen berries)

-100g caster sugar

-splash of orange juice

Method - Pop it all in a stainless steel pan and pop it on the hob- keep staring till it resembles a jammy/compote consistency.

Yummy Extras

I used hotel Chocolate vegan buttons which melted deliciously on the warm compote. The kids who aren't vegan (god damn it) had marshmallows and some choppy fingers crushed and sprinkled on top. If anyone could recommend some vegan marshmallows that would be fab!

I am so looking forward to making these again, maybe they will pass my Mum's seal of approval?