Boys' Spring 20

These images got a lot of love on my insta stories so I thought I would use Ezra's style for one of my first blogs. Ezra has always worn oversized tees and sweats and has just started wearing jeans in oppose to leggings (he still wears lots of leggings too). I very much stick to a colour palette with the kids, Ez is greys, greens, creams, navy and black. It makes shopping easy and means that it pretty much all goes. Here are a few pieces that I put together to make some little outfits.

1. Young Double 'The Breakfast Club' £25- I need to add this to Ezra's wardrobe it is so so cool.

2. Young double 'Still learning Tee' £15-20 - I love how laid back their designs are and their slogans are on point.

3. Tiny Human Store'Mako MOM jeans', £27- These look perfect for all seasons too.

4. Vans 'Socks' , £11 - iconic skate brand to complete the look. monochrome simplicity.

5. Mango 'Organic cotton velcro fastening sneakers', £19.99 - Similar to the white converse that we all love and they go to velcro high up in the sizes!

1. Kidly 'Pocket sweatshirt' £24 - Kidly get it so right, every time, A grey sweater is so versatile and this has pockets! I haven't tried it but I think that I would size up to get an oversized fit.

2. Zara 'Olive slub knit' £5.99 - I have this in olive for Ezra and Navy and Olive for B, it is a light knit, perfect for sunny days.

3. Ando 'Modern black jeans with a wide fit', £25 - These are such a great shape and would look so good with a big tee tucked in a little.

4. Tocoto Vintage 'Striped socks blue green', £13 - Available at yes pricier for one pair but they are beautiful.

5. Vans 'Old Skool V', £33 (sale at SCHUH)- The pair I tried to get for Ezra...He wanted blue...He got blue.

Other gems...

1. Natural World 'Velcro canvas trainer' (Kidly), £30 - Eco friendly and vegan! amazing.

2. Vans '3-pack socks', £11 - Iconic skate brand to complete the look. monochrome simplicity.

3. Pippins Denim 'Black roll up', £17 (limited sizes. similar options for £37), Pippins are pretty special. They use certified organic cotton which uses 30% less energy, 50% less water and 70% less chemicals during the dying process. I would ask Kaye r.e sizing by dropping her a DM on insta. She truly loves to help people get the most use they can out of her clothing!

4. Organic Zoo 'Everyday is Poetry', £28 - The colour and shape of the font really stands out in this sweat.

5. Lone Owl Studio 'Happiness tee', from £13 - This is the tee we own from Sarah's latest collaboration with Darwin&Grey. However, she has so many (mainly monochrome) styles and is always open to a custom design! These are the softest t-shirts I have ever felt and Sara is a 10/10 babe. I didn't need to size up for Lone owl. Ez isn't huge (chunky but short) these fit perfect.


7. Marmalade sky 'Khaki long sleeved T-shirt', £10 - A gorgeous slouchy long sleeved tee, I have a thing with sleeves, they are always turned up or pushed up.

8. Zara 'Darted slouchy jeans' £14.99 -Annoyingly i had to change these last minute. Zara had a gorgeous khaki drop crotch pair of jeans. These are still a decent high street option though.

9. Bobo Choses ( 'Turtledove left right long sock' , £12.80 sale - quirky option, but suits the look. Would the 'non-matchyness' drive you insane?!

10. Zara '3-pack of sport socks' , £4.99 - Cute little socks ideal for summer with trainers as they don't come up too high.

11. Toastie kids 'Tiny Adventurer' £32 - Love the simplicity of this sweat, they have a gorgeous rust colour 'Tiny Dancer' sweater that Nola needs!

12. A Monday In Copenhagen ( 'Make it fun' £21 - Ez really liked the 'rainbowy-wavey-mountains'.

13. Organic Zoo 'Planet Childhood', £11- Love the simplicity, there is also a matching mama tee!

14. Converse 'All star Lo,' £20.99 (on sale at SCHUH).

15. Hm '3-pack T-shirts', £8.99 - Just 3 basic tees in nice shades.

Some people responded to my poll asking for budget options for clothing, obviously this is different for everyone. I thought about doing a little post separately on this as I think it can be how you shop that makes it work for your budget rather than what you buy (within reason). An example would be that i do not buy shoes to complete my kids' outfits. They have one pair of trainers which will go with everything. For B, they are black, then he can wear them to school too (I don't like 'school shoes').