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When should I book my photoshoot for?

I recommend booking your shoot for about 5 weeks + after your due date. I will not take bookings less than 3 weeks after for a number of reasons. You could go 2 weeks over (yes, even if your midwife says Bambi could arrive at any minute! I was told to expect an early babe at 30 weeks when I measured full term and babe was ready and engaged... he was almost a week overdue!) Also if you are overdue a week is not much recovery time. Get settled, get feeding established (however your feeding) and it will be a whole lot more enjoyable.

How does it work?

I will come to your house with my camera, some gentle lighting and a few minimal props (think blankets not caterpillar dress up!) I will spend time photographing your precious little bundle, maybe parents and siblings too. I will go away and edit all your photos and then send you edited previews. (these will have a watercress over them).

mini giftcard holders will then choose their favourite three images and receive them in digital form ready for print or media OR choose to upgrade to a luxe package a nd get all the images in media and print digital form.. I will not offer this as such but if you want to upgrade thats great.

luxe giftcard holders will ok the images and then receive all the digital edits for p